Get out your Seersuckers and Sundresses ATL!

Looking from some grown up & classy fun this summer? Check out Seersuckers and Sundresses coming to Heritage Park Sandy Spring, GA on June 9th 2013. Fellas if you don’t know what a Seersucker is ask your uncle!

Check out the video from last years event!

Seersuckers & Sundresses

About Sis Society

Entreprenuer, business woman, writer, blogger, motivational speaker living in Atlanta. Grew up in Military traveled oversees and in U.S. then married a soldier and raised 4 now adult kids. Avid reader, questioner, thinker. I like exploring how the mind and emotions work and discovering ways to enhance personal peace and work life balance. President of The Sisterhood Society which is an organization dedidcated to empowering women small business owners and entrepreneurs. I write from a human and feminine perspective. I believe our humanity is what unites us wheter male female, black or white, business owner or employee. We can try to seperate ourselves from others based on race, class, politics, economic status but our humanity or what I like to term Hue-manity (humans of different hues) makes us one whether we want to be one or not. I enjoy politics (except the dirty kind ) I believe in having a global mindset which mean our conciousness expands outside of our block, corner or even country. It a human gift to be able to question, explore and to change our minds if need be. Life should be a constant evolution of self discovery. Because as the saying goes "If were not growing, we're dying" that applies to us in life, business, relationships and even as a country. I'm proud to be an American even with her sullied past and present dissensions my hope is one day we can become a society that understands giving people the right to exist and share space with us, inclusion whethere we agree with personal opinions or philosphy is the hallmark of a civilized society and the path to social peace.
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